Marriott GRE & GPNS

Seamless guest experiences. One provider.

Simplify operations with one experienced provider for all Marriott guest-facing technology.



Broad array of entertainment & interactivity, plus DIRECTV® HD programming


GPNS internet

Multiple reliable GPNS-certified guest internet solutions via Ethernet, fiber & DOCSIS (coax)



Unparalleled & accessible support system to maximize system uptime

Ibanka mạch máuRelying on trusted industry providers like SONIFI eliminates any worries about installation, uptime, or support.

Archit Sanghvi Regional Vice President, Pearl Hospitality

Guest Room Entertainment (GRE)

We’ll work with you to deliver guest experiences that are fully featured, seamlessly integrated and up to date with the latest brand standards.

  • Channel guide

Ibanka mạch máuDelivers program descriptions, schedules & simple channel tuning

  • Hotel info

Ibanka mạch máuShowcases photos & descriptions of property services, amenities & local area info

  • Discover

Displays brand videos & other property-specific content

Hotel Room Entertainment GRE TV
  • Stream

Ibanka mạch máuProvides built-in streaming access to Netflix, YouTube, Pandora & more

  • Connect My Device

Enables guests to stream content using their personal mobile devices

  • In Theater Movies

Provides access to still-in-theater movies on demand


Marriott has selected SONIFI as their exclusive provider of early release window Video On Demand (VOD), delivered over-the-top via an app to the latest brand standard hardware.

Woman using Marriott GPNS Internet

GPNS internet

GPNS merges industry best practices into one common network designed to enhance the guest experience while simplifying your back of house.

  • Custom network design
  • Expertise in Ethernet, coax & PON/fiber
  • Guest satisfaction improvement program
  • Worry-free reliability
  • Proactive monitoring & 24/7 network operations center
  • Technical assistance number for guests and hoteliers

infrastructure upgrades

No Ethernet to your guest rooms? No problem!

DOCSIS leverages existing coax for TV and GPNS

Ibanka mạch máuDeliver a high-quality, wired internet connection to the room via the coax cabling in your walls.

  • No extra cabling required, no rooms out of service
  • Expert RF signal distribution & improved TV signal quality
  • Better Wi-Fi that scales easily over time as guest needs evolve
Integrated DOCSIS modem with power over ethernet (PoE)

This cost-effective solution meets current GPNS brand standards.

  • Aesthetically pleasing & technically efficient
  • PoE port powers the Access Point (AP) without an outlet
  • Replace standard modems with this integrated model to add APs

The best in the business

We have the most experienced and most accessible team in the business for a worry-free install, reliable maintenance and responsive troubleshooting.

  • 200+ certified technicians across the U.S. & Canada
  • 24/7 U.S.-based call center staffed every day of the year
  • Cross-trained to install & maintain multiple services (GRE, GPNS, FTG & more)
  • Proactive monitoring & preventive maintenance for increased uptime
High-Quality Installs SAVE TIME AND MONEY

Our nationwide team is experienced with IP, coax, MATV, low-voltage wiring and outdoor plant work to ensure efficient, high-quality execution.


GRE + GPNS: Better together

Successful technology upgrades require hotels to maximize their investment by selecting cost-effective solutions installed with limited service interruptions.


Expedited timeline

Ibanka mạch máuReduced time surveying, contracting & installing


Less disruption

Fewer room visits & service interruptions


More convenience

Ibanka mạch máuOne provider for service, maintenance, billing & more

Ready to learn more?

SONIFI is certified by Marriott for Guest Room Entertainment and GPNS internet. We are your one provider for hotel room entertainment, internet, streaming and support.