Classic Hotels and Resorts Enhancing Its At-Home Feel with Guest Streaming from SONIFI


LOS ANGELES (MAY 30, 2018) —  announced an initiative to enrich its in-room entertainment by adding guest streaming and other interactive television features provided by SONIFI Solutions. With its collection of luxury, upscale and boutique properties, Classic Hotels & Resorts offers distinctive properties boasting at-home comfort. The selection of SONIFI’s STAY Interactive and STAYCASTTMIbanka mạch máu solutions are meant to further enhance those qualities.

Guests can already enjoy the upgrades at the ,  and . Updates to ,  and  are in progress and should be completed by the end of 2018.

Classic Hotels and Resorts Implement Interactive TV

Ibanka mạch máuSONIFI’s guest streaming solution, STAYCAST – powered by Google Chromecast – gives the diverse travelers who visit Classic Hotels & Resorts the ability to stream their own content to the in-room TV experience. “We recognized that more and more people use non-linear services to watch programming at home,” said Esteban R. Velez, Vice President of Information Technology for Classic Hotels & Resorts. “Allowing guests to use the in-room TV experience for viewing their usual, favorite content creates the level of comfort and familiarity we want our guests to feel while enjoying their unique lodging experience. Technology and Innovation are the keys to keeping guests feeling at home by staying connected.”

“We’re excited to work with Classic Hotels & Resorts,” said Roy Kosuge, Chief Commercial Officer at SONIFI. “Our flexible solutions and nationwide support make it possible for a high-end hotel group to rely on one provider and still offer a unique guest experience at each property.” The STAY Interactive system simplifies making customizations for the defined amenities at each property—whether that be renting  at The Scott or booking  at Arizona Grand Resort & Spa. The cloud-based, drag-and-drop property portal provides local access for real-time updates and convenient brand management.

For more information about STAY Interactive and STAYCAST, visit To learn more about Classic Hotels & Resorts, please visit .

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